A'Court Viticulture

A'Court Viticulture provides practical viticultural consultancy rooted in experience, technology and knowledge.

Whether a prospective, new or established site - we use our expertise to support UK vineyards to plan, develop and maximize their potential.

From the first pre-planting stages through to addressing problems in yield and quality, our range of services are focused on the practical science behind the art of growing grapes for wine.

Take a look at some of our services outlined below or call us to discuss your needs.

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Viticultural Services

Vineyard Establishment

Newly planted vines

Numerous important decisions that will dramatically influence the future success and viability of a new vineyard need to be made well before planting.

We can assist with site selection, survey and amelioration. We will undertake vital soil profiling, analysis and interpretations aimed specifically at wine grape production, based on the latest technical understanding.

We are then able to help you with the selection of varietals and rootstocks, relevant to your site and aspirations.

Ian A'Court

Image of Ian A'Court

Ian has spent his career immersed in the science and realities of commercial fruit agriculture, with the last 25 years entirely focused on growing wine grapes in the UK.

His expertise is in harnessing this experience to optimise the production of new and established UK vineyards and to support them in finding solutions where they encounter problems.

His considerable experience began with a decade in New Zealand as an agronomist working with the then emerging wine grape industry. He returned to the UK to work with PBI providing technical support for distributors and growers in the top and soft fruit industry. He then moved permanently into the world of vineyards and remains at the heart of the UK industry.

Following the establishment and management of two vineyards in Devon, Ian managed the award-winning Sharpham Vineyards on the banks of the river Dart, developing it over 15 years into one of the UK's most consistently high yielding and finest quality sites.

In 2005 Ian handed over the day to day running of the vineyards at Sharpham to enable him to give more time to providing consultancy to prospective, new and established vineyards across the UK. He continues to provide ongoing support to the current team at Sharpham.

Originally from the South East, Ian is now based in the South West and works with vineyards across the country to enable them to make the best decisions at every stage of the complex and exciting process of wine grape growing. From choosing land, planning and planting a new vineyard, to identifying and solving problems in established vineyards and improving on success in others, he prides himself on giving his clients clear, independent and specific advice rooted in his broad knowledge and experience.

(Even if this means advising one client that they would be better growing cider apples instead - which they successfully now do!)

Ian has a passion for the science behind the art of making world class wine and he is delighted to contribute to the ongoing success of many of the UK's finest vineyards.

New Zealand Bud Brush

Scrub away the backache of a tedious and strenuous vineyard chore

Now available in the UK from A'Court Viticulture

This new device rids vines of unwanted new growth on the base and trunk without the backbreaking bending. The Bud Brush is hand held and used without bending - getting the job done faster and more efficiently.

Recently developed in the vineyards of Marlborough, New Zealand the Bud Brush is already being used in Australia and the USA.

Traditionally on small to medium sized vineyards, the job has entailed bending beside each plant while rubbing the buds from the trunks by hand.

The Bud Brush has been proven to be 40% faster than bud rubbing by hand and is efficient at removing secondary buds at the same time, meaning less re-growth. Made of sturdy plastic, it has inner and outer bristles as well as ribbing on the rear to remove tougher growth. £14.95 each plus P&P.

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